Introduction to Bizen Pottery

Recently many people have been interested in potteries. For instance, they have been interested in Arita pottery, Tokoname pottery, and Bizen pottery. Among them, many people have been loved Bizen pottery so much. If you are a beginner in Bizen pottery, you don't need to worry! Let me explain to you about Bizen pottery!

The cradle of Bizen pottery is Inbe-town, Bizen-city, Okayama-prefecture, Japan. The time period is the Heian. Bizen pottery is one of Rokkoyou. Rokkoyou means six famous potteries in Japan. This includes Seto(Aichi-prefecture, Japan), Tokoname(Aichi-prefecture), Echizen(Fukui-prefecture), Shigaraki(Shiga-prefecture), Tanba(Kyoto-prefecture), and Bizen(Okayama-prefecture). Since the Heian period people have used Bizen pottery as tea-things, ornaments, flower vases, tablewares, and the like. People have been loved Bizen pottery so much because it is a utility pottery while it has simplicity, naturalness, broad, and warmth.