Firing of Bizen Pottery

In this section I introduce firings such as Goma, Sangiri, Hidasuki, Botamochi, and Yohen.


When the temperature in the kiln reach the highest degree(about 1300 degree), the surface of potteries start melting. At that time, ash of red pine trees stick to potteires, and then melt together on the surface of them.


Before stopping firing much charcoal(using about 700kilogram)are thrown into the kiln. The chemical reaction of charcoal happens on potteries.


Rice straws are put on potteries or rolled on potteries, and then fired in the kiln. You can see scarlet (orange) lines on the surface of potteries.


Senbey(s) is put on potteries. Senbey is a kind of fireproof mud(Form is a circle.). In the kiln the temperature is about one thousand three hundred degree when potteries are fired. In spite of a high temperature Senbey never break. After Senbey(s) is put on potteries and then fired in the kiln, Botamochi appears. Botamochi means a kind of Japanese rice cake. You can see circles on pottery.


Potteries(ex. a pot and a sake bottle) are laid on the floor in the kiln, and then fired. In the kiln the ash of pine trees and charcoals accumulate around potteries. After firing in this condition, very beautiful patterns appear.